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Pete_MorrisonMental Health Resources: SANE Information Database (SID)

The SANE Information Database (SID) is a national mental health database.  It contains records of a wide range of voluntary and statutory mental health support organisations throughout the UK. These range from Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) to independent, local support groups and services.

It also contains details of other services which may impact upon mental health, or be associated with mental health problems, such as drug and alcohol services, homelessness, domestic violence and abuse support services.

SID is used by SANE e-mail and helpline volunteers to locate services and provide information. Pete Morrison (right) manages the information database.

How you can help SID
Volunteers help us to update the database, but with between 9,000 – 10,000 records, it’s a big job. You can help us by letting us know about services you may have used, or perhaps a service you work for, that you think might benefit other people in your area.

If a service has helped you, it may also benefit someone else.  We really appreciate any input you can provide.

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What information is helpful for SID?
By giving us some basic details, we can add to our records, or update existing records.

SignpostHelpful details include:
Name of service
Address (include postcode if possible)
Telephone number
Website address (if applicable)
Brief description of service (optional)

You can send these details to:

Thank you!

By offering these mental health services, SANE hopes to increase mental illness awareness and mental health education, as well as providing mental health support.

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